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The Full Story

Why You Should Choose Me?

Laura has the skill set of a seasoned investigator combined with a world class education.  Laura's life experiences have made her keenly aware that the criminal justice system is deeply flawed.  She is a vocal advocate for police reform, a seeker of justice, and a freedom fighter.  

The War on Drugs & Flawed Policy

When Laura began her career, she went into the field as an under-cover officer buying crack cocaine.  This would result in 27 people being sent to prison.

Laura's education has lead to an understanding of flawed policy and the damage the "war on drugs" has caused in communities all over the United States. 

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Laura's undercover work would lead to her first letter of commendation as a police officer. 

The Horizon

In September 2010 Laura accepted the Frank C. Denzinger Scholarship.

Horizon Scholarship Reception.PNG

High Distinction Graduate

In May 2017 Laura graduated with honors and high distinction from Indiana University Southeast and was recognized as the Outstanding Student in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Not Guilty Verdict for Client Guy Marcus Allen in High-Profile Trial

Laura testifying on behalf of client Guy Marcus Allen. Mr. Allen was acquitted on all counts. 

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